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Do I have to be naked for a massage?

No you do not need to be naked, the most important thing is for you to be comfortable. What-ever level of cover works for you is what is perfect for you.


Can I work on my Yoni (genitals) if I am not ready to be touched?

Yes, the body is a holistic system so there are things that can be done without touch.


What if I feel uncomfortable during a session, is it ok to stop

Yes, absolutely.

At the beginning of each session we have a good talk and you are given full permission to stop or pause the session as needed. It is important that you are authentic during the session. If I sense discomfort I will check in with you. If I feel that the body is saying No, then I will stop the session.


I would love to express how I feel during a session but I struggle to use my voice. I have shame about expressing pleasure with my voice

I will gently guide and empower you with the use of your voice. The power of voice is amazing in moving energy in the body.


I have shame around pleasure, what if feel pleasure during the session?

Shame can be explored and is often linked to feeling not worthy to receive and to programming through society. Pleasure is energy moving in the body and it is perfectly natural to feel along with sadness, joy, arousal, nurturing, euphoria, relaxation. 


I've really had lots of sexual trauma, how do I know that this session can hold me enough, that I can share deep wounding and feel safe?

I create a totally safe space where sexual trauma can be shared.

I have held space for much sexual abuse and can directly connect you with a sexual abuse victim who can tell you first hand the space that I can hold. I strongly advise that as a sexual abuse victim you seek help from other practitioners/modalities as well. I work on the somatic layer; I highly recommend you seek counselling for the conscious and subconscious layers.


What if attraction arises for the practitioner?

I hold a very clean energetic container. If attraction arises it can be dialogued about. It is within my code of ethics not to be involved with clients. If this cannot be resolved I can recommend you to other practitioners.


What if I feel the practitioner is attracted to me?

I hold a very clean, professional energetic container. (please read the testimonials) If this ever was to occur then I would recommend you continue your journey with another practitioner.


I am not satisfied with my intimate life, is this the right place to come?

This is an excellent place to come. I have many tools to help.


I have had some issues with my partner, is it ok to take the problem to you?

I hold the strictest confidence and have helped a number of couples through their ups and downs.


I keep having fantasies of abusing others, is this a good place to connect about it?

I hold a strictly confidential space where all things are openly spoken about and can be explored.


I feel like there should be more to my orgasm/ my orgasm feels stuck, can you help me?

One of the main goals of my practice is to help people explore their Orgasmic Potential. This expands to far more than Orgasm as it is commonly known. I can facilitate your exploration of your Pleasure Body.


I just want to be nurtured, spoilt, massaged, and have release do you do this?

Yes, the session can have all of these elements but it will take its own organic journey so it is good not to have an agenda but be open to where it flows.


I want leave my partner, who has not touched me in two years, can you help me/us?

Definitely. Sometimes couples get into self-feeding cycles that are difficult to break out of. This cycle of non-touch often leads to a situation of one partner chasing touch and the other running from touch, this can occur at a deep unconscious level. Through receiving touch in a safe clean container this cycle can be broken and the running partner can have some space to come to you. I can also offer counsel and tools to use to re-introduce touch into the relationship.


I feel shame about my genitals, God says they are dirty and sinful, my inner labia are longer than my outer labia, the labia are un-even. etc.

All genitalia are unique and beautiful.


I want to make love to many people at the same time, I have all sorts of fantasies, am I a slut?

You are a very natural woman with healthy sexuality. It is society that makes things “wrong”. I have heard all sorts of fantasies, the list is endless and to have these thoughts is very normal.  


I had a past lover who I can’t get out of my body.

The body holds memories and I can help to move those stuck energies.


My heart feels closed and armoured.

Having a closed heart means life can be very ordinary because as it protects you from being hurt, it also cuts you off from your own self love. We can work on this.


I have a lover who doesn’t understand me.

I can offer counsel and tools to help.


I want to spice up my love-life with my partner.

I have tools that can help.


I want education about consent and saying No, can you help me.

This is an important topic to be clear about because being clear in my saying No means I can be very clear in saying Yes. I do a very good session about Yes, No and consent.


My life is stuck.

A good bodywork session can often be the catalyst to life change.


I feel I have too much yang/masculine energy.

I can help to balance your energy


I am a single mum on centrelink, I need a session but cannot afford it.

Please talk with me and we will arrange a way.




We always get asked lots of questions about the work we do, and we totally welcome any questions.

We have created this page to answer the more common ones, however we are very open to have a conversation with you for any extra information, please contact us.

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