Shane Wilson

Shane is a full hearted magician, he has the beautiful gift of being a somatic communicator,

a body whisperer.

He is recognised within the community of having the beautiful gift of touching peoples lives, 

also for the clean energy and safe container that he brings in his field.

"This is what I love doing, it fulfils and touches me to the point of tears and I have been told and witnessed the transitions in people’s lives" 

"as if this work found me"


Shane went through a major life transition a number of years ago, where everything he had collapsed after a serious car accident. Life was shaken on many levels, he lost his confidence with work and he had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with PTSD, 

Soon after his father passed due to a sudden heart failure, his long term relationship came to an end and his home was flooded twice.

This period led Shane to develop a large and open heart and after many years of healing, he connected to his deepest truth, to help people in need.

Was a particular experience personal that inspired you to study bodywork?

It has been an accumulation of experiences that have led me here.

It took a lot of reassurance for me to be confident in this intimate work, to be sure that I was doing the right thing with the right energy.

One of my strongest inspirations to do this work was a woman from many years before, who with the greatest of gentleness and patience reconnected with her innate intimate self..

She cried and told me that she thought that she would never feel this again as she had been held hostage and raped.

She then entered into a wonderful relationship and over the years, whenever I would see her and her beau, my heart would fill with indescribable feelings to witness her joy.

"There is a feeling in witnessing a woman transition into her radiance, it is like she is a thousand flowers blooming, all of the most glorious sunrises and sunsets all wrapped into one."


I experience an indescribable feeling of bliss that suffuses my body, makes my eyes well with tears and fulfils my purpose for being, when I witness a woman…




  • feel deeply safely nurtured with no intent or agenda 


  • soften the armour around her heart,  love herself and feel the beauty within 


  • open herself to life

  • transfigure to a beatific place of bliss and beauty beyond words 


  • expand her pleasure body with no intent or agenda 


  • connect to her deep feminine essence


  • learn how to trust and guide her partner to fulfil her needs and that of the relationship


  • learn how to express herself, to connect to and communicate her needs 


  • open herself to a wonderful relationship


  • journey through trauma/abuse to find her innate pleasure


Shane creates a very safe space for you to drop into deep healing.

His communication skills are of a high standard, and his intuition and capacity to shift energy is remarkable.

I would highly recommend a session with him.

He is 100% present in the session and caters to your needs with continual check ins and consent.

Aurore De-Campo

  • KaHuna training Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 (High Spirits) 

  • Sexological Bodywork Training (Institute of Somatic Sexology) 


  • Lomi Lomi training 1, 2  (Tina Featherheart)

  • Biodanza (4 years) 


  • Regular men’s group meetings continuing (4 Years)

  • Regular silent meditation group for several years

  • The Landmark process

  • The Path of Love

  • The Grail process

  • Michael Rowlands workshops on Happiness