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I’ve been having sessions with Shane for almost a year.

Wow I’ve come to witness so much positive change within myself.


I come from a back ground of childhood trauma and abuse.

Safety is highly valued for me in order to heal release and let go.

Shane has an amazing way of holding a safe sacred container.

The more sessions I have the more at ease I feel with myself.

Shane offers many tools insights wisdom and amazing practical exercises to support the healing momentum.


I highly recommend Shane for a session 

if u desire self love and want to Embody a deeper relationship to pleasure and unlock any fears shame guilt that you maybe holding 

Shane has been an amazing gift in my healing journey to access my freedom as a women and find my voice.

Freer Bonne - Artist/ therapist

Annette Baulch facilitator/co-owner Oztantra

Georgia Whiley

Over coming wounding in her sexuality, the shame the guilt the fear to develop her intimate pleasure voice.

Shane holds a beautiful, safe space.

He is warm, gentle and respectful.

He puts his body and soul into his work and I walked away feeling nourished physically, emotionally and spiritually. He is a beautiful man doing great work.

Highly recommended

Missy Allen


Thank you so much for another wonderful and transformational massage dear Shane!

That was a big journey we went on!!

And thank you for your presence and generosity of spirit!



Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of massage and spiritual healing.

It was the most amazing journey I have ever been on!!! I wish you peace and harmony.

Big hugs

Angela May Zerba


For the first time in my life as a 30 year old woman,

I felt safe, seen, deeply honoured & loved by a man,

miraculous healing took place in the sacred space Shane provided in our session yesterday.

Today I feel far more embodied after being able to really let go and I feel more expansive than ever before.

Shane is an incredible healer, a profound gift to the world.

Thank you so much Shane for what you do!

Trinity Love Rose



I've had couple rope sessions with Shane.

I've never been tied before, but Shane creates very safe and trustworthy space.

Shane makes me feel very comfortable and the sessions with him really calms me down and has also thought me to communicate better.

I usually go to the sessions feeling a bit anxious, but after I leave in peace.

Thank you Shane 🙏

Mar Lii


Shane holds a such pristine space of clarity, trust and holding.

It felt like a big step for me to allow the support of the masculine in, in this very close way.

I received a deep healing from my session.

This level of healing was only possible because of Shane’s genuine care and the way he consciously created such a safe space.

I was supported greatly in owning my boundaries and my authentic voice and have expanded in an empowered manner in this way in my life since.

I felt seen, loved and held and I would encourage others to try it as I did.

Veronica Clarke


Shane is very professional with great boundaries and made me feel very safe and supported.

This was very important for me as this was out of my comfort zone.

This is more then a bodywork session (which is incredible in itself).

Shane is very intuitive and the healing that i received was profound on so many levels.

HIs generosity of spirit and genuine kind and caring nature added to the beautiful journey of each session, thank you so much Shane for supporting me on this transformational journey

Julie Kent

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