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Shane & Bonnie are very passionate about having an open talk before your session to see where you are at and decide with you what will be the perfect session for your needs.

For each session a written contract is created where boundaries are clearly defined, what the session will and won’t include and to communicate your needs and intentions. 

A safe non-judgemental space is provided where you can talk openly about any aspect of your life, thoughts, relationships and sexual history; a space where the unspoken can be spoken and any question asked.

Shane & Bonnie provide safe touch at a level which is comfortable to the somatic trust of the receiver, whatever that level might be. This, at times, might be less than what the client is consciously asking for.


They are very attentive, highly intuitive and work with complete integrity. 


A program suited to your journey can be created over a series of sessions.

Your comfort and safety are of the highest importance.



Shibari is a traditional Japanese rope art form which has been around since the Edo period.

Often wrongly associated with BDSM, Shibari is a very healing practice.

The Shibari journey is a vehicle for those women who would like to surrender and receive.

For those women who would like to quieten the mind.

Shibari is very good for trust issues and expressing needs and boundaries.

We can provide sessions for those wanting to experience being tied, and lessons for those wanting to learn.

We also teach rope at Peer Rope Byron Bay, which can be found on Facebook and Instagram,

@peerropebyronbay - you can also join our rope community via our Facebook group.

"I've had a couple rope sessions with Shane. I've never been tied before, but Shane creates very safe and trustworthy space. Shane makes me feel very comfortable and the sessions with him really calms me down and has also taught me to communicate better. I usually go to the sessions feeling a bit anxious, but after I leave in peace. Thank you Shane 🙏"

Mar li

"This is an ancient Japanese arform that is sometimes associated with BDSM, but that is just one dimension of this

multi-faceted medium. Shibari/Kinbaku - literally “the beauty of binding” is an art form and some practitioners are all about the aesthetics. 

Some love the feels and sensations, the rope on skin and dropping into subspace.

Another application is relating - connection and communication. The nonverbal communication between my partner and I when we tie each other has deepened our bond to no end. 

I first discovered Shibari as a modality as part of my therapy to treat PTSD after I suffered severe trauma. I had lost all trust, and for 6 years my body had completely shut down to pleasure, I was celibate and wanted nothing to do with relationships, even my menstrual cycle stopped. 

Today I am a completely different person. Shibari has helped me explore power dynamics, establish boundaries, reclaim consent, as well as rekindle my fire and passion for life. Being tied enables me to truly surrender and give over all my trust to my partner, a very powerful gift; there is a sacredness in this power exchange. I feel innately safe and infinitely held. 

I am then able to access a deeply meditative nondual state, where self melts back into the void and thought fades away. 

When suspended, I can feel like I am flying. The absolute care, attentiveness and reverence from my partner is palpable, nothing exists but us two and the rope. The sensuous feeling of the rope gliding across my skin contrasts and contradicts the delicious dance along the edges of pleasure and pain as my body is pushed to it’s limits. 

It can certainly be used in the context of sexuality, and to heighten the sensual, but it goes way beyond these things, and has the potential to invoke an ecstatic bliss.



Looking to put the juice back into the relationship? 

Or have you ever been curious about playing with a third or fourth person?

Perhaps you have other fantasies you would like to explore, yet are unsure of where to even begin?

We can safely facilitate the experience to guide you both in a container of consent and desires to expand your erotic worlds and attain the pleasures you've been dreaming of.

If you are looking to explore conscious kink as a couple, we can offer education on how to navigate 

this world and all it has to offer in a safe way with hands-on experience.

We believe communication to be the cornerstone of a great relationship.

We teach how to listen to each other and how to unpackage those sticky topics in the relationship.

We also develop touch in the relationship through fun practices.


If you are looking to enter the world of polyamory, and/or open relating,

we can offer guidance and facilitation in navigating this relationship paradigm

in ways that are healthy and that uphold integrity and transparency, and finding the 

type of non-monogamy that works best for you.


With Bonnie and Shane.

Learn to discover and voice your desires in a safe container.

Expand your pleasure.

Reclaim your boundaries and say No guilt free.

Learn true embodiment and express full bodied Yes.

Find your edges, explore power dynamics.

Learn to surrender.

Experience subspace and other altered states through conscious play. 

Bonnie and Shane offer sessions that traverse the light and shadows of Eros, removing the shame and taboos

surrounding kink so that desires and fantasies can be explored in a healthy, guilt free way.

Experience sensation play in a safe setting where boundaries are clearly established beforehand.

Learn how to create a kink scene in which you can ask for, and experience your deepest fantasies; beginning with instructions on holding an open discussion in which things like Relationships, Boundaries, Desires... etc are established

and negotiated so all players feel safe and secure enough to deeply drop in to states of true surrender and bliss; and ending with guidance on providing and/or receiving aftercare.

Bonnie joins feminine with Shane's masculine in sessions that might include consent games, tantric

practises, and a wide variety of tools to enervate the senses and provide a fully immersive sensory experience. 



"I love to witness what happens when a person drops deep into subspace, they appear to become oblivious to everything else around them. There is no posing for the camera, and the photographer is better able to capture their essence. All worry drops from their features as they enter a state of meditative bliss, no-mind - a place somewhere between kensho (somatic/pain) and satori (insight/psyche)."


Conscious Kink

It is important that we tailor a program suited to your individual needs.

(Excerpts from the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia brochure on Sexological Bodywork)

“The body automatically knows what it wants and needs, but we can forget how to listen to it.”

Sexological Bodywork is individualised holistic education focused on connecting the individual to their pleasure-body potential.

Sexological Bodyworkers offer education and coaching to support people to deepen their experience of embodiment (the connection to the wisdom inside our own bodies).

Additionally recurring patterns can arise in relationships that limit people’s capacity for intimacy. Working with a Sexological Bodyworker can provide a safe, supportive environment outside of these relationships, to openly work through and resolve issues at a relaxed pace.


Sexological Bodyworkers are Somatic Sex Educators, supporting individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own personal and sexual growth.  We also facilitate learning about the body, sex and sexuality, as well as working through sexual issues or concerns. We use a variety of instructive tools that bring awareness to limiting patterns and habits and offer body-based experiential learning opportunities.

  • I have shut myself down to any potential intimacy and I want to blossom again

  • I want to experience a Shibari session where I am tied by an experienced rigger, in which I feel safe, supported and cared for

  • I want to learn Shibari

  • I want to open my heart and to love and feel good about myself

  • I want to totally receive, with no agenda or any need to give anything of myself

  • I want to learn what pleasure is in my body and then how to ask for it

  • I want a voice

  • I want to learn how to set up a Conscious Kink or Tantric BDSM scene from start to finish, including how to lean into the role of Dom or sub, in a way that upholds safety, care and integrity

  • I want to experience a Conscious Kink scene for myself

  • I feel disconnected from my body, and that creates some stuck energy in my life

  • I don’t actually know why I want a session, things are good but I feel there is more out there and I am curious

  • I need a place where I can confidentially talk about anything without ANY judgement, where my sexuality, my thoughts, fantasies and dreams are normalized and totally accepted. Where I can ask any question I want about any aspect of sexuality

  • Traditional, mainstream monogamy no longer suits me but I'm not sure where to go from here

  • I need an awesome relaxing professional massage

  • I need an awesome relaxing professional massage that can include any part of my body I choose, in the way that I choose, in a safe, integrous, confidential manner; that is clearly discussed beforehand and checked-in upon along the way

  • I want my heart chakra and breasts massaged professionally with no sexual agenda

  • I need education and support around sexuality, trauma or pleasure

  • I want to reclaim my womb, my power as a woman in a healthy and embodied way

  • I am experiencing pain or numbness in my genitals and this creates discomfort in my connection

  • I have been sexually abused and want to open myself up to pleasure again

  • I need to release for my healing in a safe container

  • My body has erotic needs that manifest discomfort

  • I am intimately shy, my genitals are a sin, I am a slut, I am non-orgasmic, I have negative self talk

  • I have had an IUD removed and I feel there is trauma to release

  • I have male trust issues therefore for my healing I need to safely receive from a male therapist of the highest integrity

  • I want to learn about touch and consent

  • I want to be educated on how to please my partner or potential partner in a classroom type manner

  • I feel stuck in my relationship and sexuality with my partner and want advice

  • My long term partner has not touched me for two years; I need safe nurturing touch without cheating or leaving him. So I can stop subconsciously pressuring him to touch me, to give him the space to come to me, so our relationship can heal.

  • I keep attracting partners who abuse me

  • I have finished a relationship and I need to shift the energy of my past partner


- Education

- Personalised tools to use in your life around the issue that is presenting

- Connection to your body

- Normalisation of your sexuality, yearnings and fantasies

- Deeper connection to your genitals and pleasure

- Finding your centre, your voice and needs to be met also in your daily life

- Healthier relationship with partner, family and friends

- Healthier sexual connection with self and partner

- Sexual desire and libido

- Opening of stuck parts of the body

- Zest in life


- Self love

- Self worth and confidence

- Using your voice and speaking your needs

- Sexual issues with self or others

- Low or excessive libido

- Relationship guidance

- Pelvic opening

- Relaxation

- Opening the body

- Muscular tension

Shane is very professional with great boundaries and made me feel very safe and supported.

This was very important for me as this was out of my comfort zone.

This is more then a bodywork session (which is incredible in itself).

Shane is very intuitive and the healing that i received was profound on so many levels.

HIs generosity of spirit and genuine kind and caring nature added to the beautiful journey of each session, thank you so much Shane for supporting me on this transformational journey

Julie Kent

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